We are one of Australia’s leading songwriting companies and have enjoyed many commercial releases in Australia and internationally having  worked in New York, LA, Japan and extensively throughout Europe.

In addition to working closely with major labels and high profile artists we offer co writing services for emerging artists. We are constantly expanding our network of production houses and also work closely with writers of stage and screen. Our catalogue is represented by Universal Music Publishing.

What's your style?

Because we love music we make sure we are up to date with the latest styles and sounds, we even try and create our own from time to time. So if you are a band or a solo artist looking at creating new and exciting content we'd love to hear your ideas from Indie to Pop, Country to R&B, Classical to Jazz.

Sounds like it's on the radio?

You've probably heard our work on the radio without knowing, our goal is to always create commercial music that suits the required market. 

Music for Film or TV? 

Our writers are experts in creating content to briefs, if you are looking for something fresh, innovative and commercial lets TALK!